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Anyway you like; Poison them! Drown them! Bash them on the head! Got any chloroform!? I don't care how you kill the little beasts, but do it and do it NOW!
~ Cruella De Vil ordering Jasper and Horace to kill the Dalmatian Puppies.
I… hate... ANIMALS!!! Especially that one!
~ Darla Dimple

Villains who abusively treat animals and/or another animal-like species or have no care that their actions can cause the extinction of an entire species. They can also be Poachers who are willing to hunt a rare animal. These villains range from characters who harm animals for fun or hunt them for food. Either way, they serve as a threat to the animals throughout the story.

Important Notes: Do not add Non-Human Animals into this category as animal-on-animal "cruelty" is normal and is a part of nature, such as a lion fighting another lion for mating season or a shark eating a shoal of fish for survival. The latter should go under Predators instead (e.g. Dag). However, animals can be poachers to capture a load of random animals other than eating them. (e.g. Nigel captures the pretty birds for Marcel to sell the birds on the black market and Mr. Krabs poaches a lot of jellyfish by squeezing jelly out of them for more Jelly Krabby Patties.) Also, do not add this category to Anthropomorphic characters who are non-human animals that try to abuse another animal when that sounds like animal cruelty (e.g. Tom chases around Jerry in most cartoons.). In addition, it is worth mentionning that some animals such as insects or spiders are exempt from this category because it is considered acceptable to kill them. So do not add a villain in the category if they only attacks these types of animals (e.g. Judge Claude Frollo).

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