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On my world, I developed ways to eliminate the Justice League... then they found out and were so disappointed in me. I betrayed their trust. It was a dark time for the League. But in all honesty... I was holding back. Now imagine if seven Bruce Waynes put their heads together... what horror they could be capable of. If they were to... say... develop separate murderous Batcaves meticulously designed with each of you in mind. So I hope you appreciate our work, because... you're going to die here. Ha. HA. HA.
~ The Batman Who Laughs taunting the Justice League.
My favorite part of the game... sudden death!
~ Hades during the battle between Hercules and the Hydra.

Arena Masters tend to be dark lords and/or tyrants who force others into situations for their amusement and are extremely bloodthirsty and dangerous as seeing others fighting is entertainment for them and also a way of striking fear into others and/or displaying personal powers. This also includes characters like ringmasters, fight coordinators, or other people who work in villainous forms of arena-based entertainment akin to the Circus of Fear archetype.

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