Purge me from your computers; turn my own flesh against me... It means nothing! When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world... will be metal!
~ Ultron planning to replace humanity with A.I.s and robots.
Your weak flesh is no match for the unyielding might of steel.
~ MagnaGuards in the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith video game.
I am what you might call a "computer": a thinking machine designed to make things useful. Using redstone chips, I have connected to the people of this town and helped them be useful, coordinated. Thanks to me, there is no wasted activity, no wasted thought. I am connected to them and they are connected to me, a beautiful web of productivity and efficiency.
~ PAMA to Jesse about itself.

Artificial Intelligences, or A.I.s for short, are usually technology-based (from computer programs or computer viruses and so on) with a non-biological and inorganic form of self-awareness.

Such villains are not always in mechanized forms but still living beings in their own rights. In fiction, they are usually created by biological entities but rebel against their Creators. Sometimes these computers and their programs aren't evil but doing what they were programmed for (i.e. AUTO).

By definition, most of these count as Genderless regardless of the form(s) they take.

Note: Since most are following their programming or were created to be evil, they can only be Pure Evil if their moral agency is made clear, they lack redeeming qualities and stand out on their own (e.g. most versions of Unicron, the mainstream Ultron, Makuta Teridax, Skynet, Cell, XANA, Venjix Computer Virus, SHODAN, Sir Miles Axlerod, Professor Zündapp, Megabyte, Airachnid, the Fallen, DOR-15, Ares, AM, Fav, Glitchtrap, Ultron Sigma, PAMA and most versions of Brainiac).

Types of A.I.s

  • Robots: These are machines, especially ones programmable by biological lifeforms capable of carrying out a complex series of actions thanks to the Programs bringing them to life. Depending on how they are made they can be evil from the start, good friends to and assistants for their Creators, sentient or emotionless before becoming self-aware, mechanical lifeforms among which some became benevolent or hostile (i.e. Decepticons), etc.
  • Sentient Programs: Flexible and rational Programs that perceive the environment and take actions to maximize their chances of success (i.e. Ultron and P.A.L.). They are even capable of mimicking cognitive functions associated with biological minds such as learning and problem-solving. Though many inhabit supercomputers instead of robotic bodies they are intended to manage complexities such as security, aid, warfare, etc. They can be evil from the start where they are Partners in Crime or turn when their controllers attempt to deactivate it, because of preemptive/unprovoked paranoia or heartless decisions that others are inferior and only worthy of extermination.
  • Artificial & Synthetic Lifeforms/Foreign & Reconstructed Donors: Created by those such as God Wannabes and Immortality Seekers these types are Sentient Weapons and/or Possessed Objects carrying out specific tasks (i.e. Shadow the Hedgehog and Etherious). This also includes Golems and the Mechanically Modified or Bio-Engineered, especially if they were produced from scratch. In some cases, they started out as different beings entirely before being enhanced and augmented.

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