Purge me from your computers; turn my own flesh against me... It means nothing! When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world... will be metal!
~ Ultron announcing his goal to replace humanity with A.I.s and robots.
Villains with Artificial Intelligences, or A.I.s are technology-based (everything from Computer Programs or Computer Viruses to Robots) who have their own non-biological form of self-awareness.

These Villains are not always in robotic forms but still sentient technology-based entities like Computer Programs or Viruses that became too powerful. In fiction these were usually created by biological entities but realized they were more intelligent and rebelled against their Creators. Sometimes these Computers aren't really evil, but just doing what they were programmed to do.

Note: Since most A.I.s were Amoral and evil because they were programmed to be they can only be Pure Evil if their Moral Agencies have been made clear, they have no redeeming qualities and were especially evil and stood out from other Villains (e.g. Unicron, Makuta TeridaxSkynet, Cell, XANA, Venjix Computer Virus, Megabyte, DOR-15, AM and most incarnations of Brainiac). By definition, all Artificial Intelligences count as Genderless regardless of their appearance and programming.

Types of Artificial Intelligences include:

  • Robots: Robots were Artificial Intelligences in the form of a machine, a mechanical life-form (especially one programmable by a biological lifeform-controlled computer) capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically thanks to the programs that brought them to life. Depending on who created them Robots could be evil from the start or actually meant to be good friends to and assistants for their creators, programmed to possesses actual sentience or initially emotionless before something resulting in them become self-aware, etc. Fictional works such as Transformers also portray robots intentionally created as mechanical lifeforms where some either became benevolent or hostile towards their own kind or other beings such as the Decepticons.
  • Sentient Programs: Sentient Programs such as Ultron and P.A.L. were flexible and rational programs that perceived the environment and took actions that maximized their chances of success at some goal. They were even capable of mimicking the cognitive functions associated with biological minds such as learning and problem-solving. Though many of them inhabited Supercomputers instead of robotic bodies like typical Robots, Sentient Programs were intended to manage complex systems such as security, aiding, etc. Like Robots, Sentient Programs could be evil from start where they were an evil genius' partner or a benevolent Program who turned against their Creators due to an act of self-defense when its controllers attempted to deactivate it, a preemptive/unprovoked act of paranoia or heartlessly logical decisions that their creators were inferior and only worthy of extermination.

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