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Stand still so I can smash you into goo!
~ Juggernaut to Venom in Marvel Heroes; this is a common mindset for Barbarians.

Barbarians are savage and untamed villains. They are cruel, dangerous, bloodthirsty and their goals is to rule everything by pure force alone. Although stereotypically strong, they do not have to be strong nor to have killed someone to qualify. Basically, a barbarian fills the role of a semi-feral being intelligent enough that they still retain some humanity but are still ruled mainly by base instincts such as war and aggression.

While most Barbarians are portrayed as semi-intellectual ferals that can't be judged by our systems because of being ferals, there are also exceptions where these villains can be very smart and at times even hit the Mastermind category (e.g. Shan Yu, Thanos (2010 Animated Marvel Universe), Joker (Nolanverse)).

A barbarian can also be a rude, violent and sanguinary individual. In some cultures, they are known as "ogres" (a reference to the mythical monster of the same name). In other words, Barbarians do not listen to reason whenever heroes say they should.

Good examples are Juggernaut, The Mountain, Drago Bludvist, Fliqpy, Tusken Raiders and Shao Kahn.

The opposite of a barbarian is a sophisticated villain, although the other villains would later reveal their true selves.

They are the evil counterpart of Berserkers.

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