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I know what you saw when you picked up Izayoi for the first time. If there were any justice in the world you'd be the one standing by his side, but something went wrong! Behold the source of all your problems, Noel Vermillion. She shouldn't even be here! She shouldn't exist, no... mustn't exist; give her half a chance, and she'll take everything worth stealing from you.
~ Hazama manipulating Tsubaki Yayoi into attacking her friend Noel Vermillion.
I admit it: this war is my doing. The Avengers destroyed my home, they stole my family from me. So what better revenge than to have them fight each other and tear themselves apart?
~ Helmut Zemo announcing his plan to tear the Avengers apart.

Bond Destroyers are the opposite of Bond Protectors. These are villains who turn people who are close against each other, be it through lying, trickery, manipulation, possession or brainwashing. Sometimes they can be objects like The One Ring or villains who wish to destroy heroes by separating them through conflict.

Some of these villains destroy friendships and even love, by bringing up dark secrets and revealing things that would cause serious and major conflict between these characters. A key example being Helmut Zemo (as shown above), who revealed that the Winter Soldier killed Black Panther's father, and later on Tony Stark's parents, and through these events caused the Avengers to turn against each other. In the worse case scenario; such revelations can destroy one's innocence and can even cause heroes to descend into villainy, proving just how damaging Bond Destroyers can be.

Examples include Jagi who ruined Kenshiro and Shin's friendship by tricking Shin into thinking he had to kidnap Kenshiro's girlfriend Yuria to protect her as Kenshiro was too weak to do so, thereby turning one of Kenshiro's closest friends into one of his greatest enemies, Zhan Tiri who destroyed Cassandra and Rapunzel's friendship by showing Cassandra her past and playing with her emotions to get her to turn on Rapunzel, making them become enemies, and Geun-sae who destroyed the Kim and Park families by avenging his wife's death through his murderous rampage.

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