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No dragon can resist the alpha's command, so he who controls the alpha controls them all. Witness true strength, the strength of will over others. In the face of it, you are Nothing!
~ Drago Bludvist showing to Hiccup his control over the Bewilderbeast on Toothless's mind.
YOU! You will obey my every command.
~ Skales hypnotizing Cole into assaulting his fellow ninjas.

Villains who can take complete control of others to do their bidding as Psychics or through Magic, hypnosis and/or mind control. The victim then becomes a helpless puppet and most often a de facto villain falling under Possessed/Brainwashed. Some villains also brainwash victims through manipulation and charisma to the point of making followers absolutely devoted to them and ready to commit the worst of acts upon receiving orders (loyal to them only, not ideologies).

Brainwashers differ from Possessors by the fact that they do not need to enter a victim's body (or be almost entirely responsible for something entering their victim's body) to take control and said victim has their true spirit eclipsed instead of turning evil, though the outcome is quite similar in both cases. Some villains can fall under both, too.

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