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A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
~ Hannibal Lecter.
"That's my grandma's!" I ATE my grandma! And it took a week because she was absolutely humongous!
~ Tamatoa casually mentioning eating his grandma.

Cannibals are people and/or animals that eat or have attempted to eat something of the same species as themselves. The circumstances that turn villains into Cannibals vary ranging from mental illnesses to mutations. Cannibals are depicted as being particularly depraved due to simply devouring members of their own kind.

This can also include Villains who force or trick others into committing cannibalism or attempt to do so (e.g. Eric Cartman, Sweeney Todd, Sweet Licks, Oswald Cobblepot). If they have nothing to eat but others of the same species, they can be Tragic or borderline Pure Evil if they are willing to do so.

Cannibals come in two subtypes:

  1. Cultural Cannibals - Some societies practice cannibalism and while such societies no longer exist in the real world in fiction many still function or are mirrored in alien/extra-dimensional societies; they differ from other cannibals in the fact cannibalism is regarded as "the norm" in their society and thus while despised by those outside their culture is largely accepted by members of their own community, clan and/or species.
  2. Sociopathic Cannibals - Individuals who practice cannibalism despite it being taboo for their community, clan and/or species; they are normally born of modern eras and motivated purely out of sadism and/or misanthropy being among the most hated and feared villains due to the very nature of their crimes.

Note: Not to be entirely confused with Man-Eaters who are mostly Non-Humans or Inhumans that eat human beings. Also, do not add Animals who eat different Animals no matter how Anthropomorphic they may be (e.g. a T-rex eating a Triceratops, a hawk eating a chicken). The latter should go under Predators because the Animals eaten are still different species.

Additionally, villains who were coerced or tricked into cannibalism do not count (e.g. Walder Frey, Grace van Dahl).

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