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Once I've finished tearing this world into pieces, I'll just use Goku's Instant Transmission technique to move onto other planets. That is my destiny! I am the universe's end!!!
~ Cell
Pain... Your suffering. Your death. Your misery. Your despair. This is what I fight for. I fight to one day see the despair of all humans. The fear twisting their expressions. The despair of seeing your children screaming as I violate the bodies of their parents. The screams of mothers losing their babies. The fear that I'll cause to all your friends and family. I was born to deliver the justice mankind so great deserves. To make them look at the world they destroyed. In this universe of billion years, your existence is nothing. You're absolutely nothing. That's why. All your kind. Is unnecessary. Every life intelligent life in this universe is unnecessary. Your fate is inevitable. And so all of this reality. This place is not worthy of my presence.
~ Herrscher of the End

Cataclysms aspire to bring about the end of the world, universe or multiverse they are in. To apply, said characters must be trying to destroy the entirety of the universe their story take place, so destroying planets when the story occurs in a whole galaxy like Star Wars does not count. Cataclysms have vast power and are similar to Dark Lords. Sometimes they can be Dark Gods or Godlike Figures. Cataclysmic villains may also be ones that previously caused massive destruction without completely destroying anything.

In extreme cases, they can also be reality-butchers as they have successfully destroyed or ruined entire universes, dimensions or realities. They are the worst of the Destroyers and Homicidal, usually having no redeeming qualities. However, some of them can still have redeeming traits, even to the point of being genuinely affable (e.g. Count Bleck, Gloomius Maximus, Bartleby, Yuno Gasai, Galactus, Beerus, Sailor Galaxia, Rex Dangervest, and White Woz).

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