Once I've finished tearing this world into pieces, I'll just use Goku's Instant Transmission technique to move onto other planets. That is my destiny! I am the universe's end!!!
~ Cell.
I don't care about potential and resources. I want my cluster, and I want that planet to die.
~ Yellow Diamond expressing her desire to destroy the Earth to Peridot.

Cataclysms, also called Omnicidal Maniacs aspire to bring about the end of the world, universe or multiverse they are in. Cataclysms have vast power and are similar to Dark Lords. Sometimes they can be Dark Gods or Godlike Figures. Cataclysmic Villains may also be ones that previously caused massive destruction without completely destroying anything.

In extreme cases they can also be Reality-Butchers as they have successfully destroyed or ruined entire universes, dimensions or realities. They are the worst of the Destroyers and Genocidal usually having no redeeming qualities and are often Pure Evil by extent.

Not to be confused with Hegemonies.

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