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Goku: Bringing my family into this is a dirty move, Eis!
Eis Shenron: But dirty moves work better than clean ones, and I'll do
anything to win this!
~ Goku and Eis Shenron after the latter used Pan as a shield.
Sneaking along last is that Mean Machine with those double dealing do-badders, Dick Dastardly and his sidekick, Muttley. And even now they're up to some dirty trick. And they're off! ...To a standing start. And why not? They've been chained to a post by shifty Dick Dastardly, who shifts into the wrong gear.
~ The Narrator commenting on the dirty tactics of Dick Dastardly and Muttley.

These villains resort to cheating to win. As most conflicts in fiction are matters of life and death/Good vs. Evil and thus have no actual "rules," most characters in this category come from stories involving some sort of contest. Due to this cunning nature, it is difficult for a cheater to be a honorable villain; unless they display a noble trait such as keeping a promise, respecting someone's memory, displaying gratitude, or being merciful (e.g. Billy Butcher, Romeo, Mr. Krabs, Hopper, Joker, Chozen Toguchi, Kirei Kotomine, President Coriolanus Snow, Aiden, and Xibalba).

Villains who cheat on their significant other do not count, and are to be put under Adulterers instead.

It is an evil counterpart of Pragmatists.

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