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Your soul is mine!
~ Shang Tsung
The souls of the children give me strength!
~ Freddy Krueger referring to how he is still alive via the absorbed souls of his countless victims.
Your soul, will be so sweet!
~ Gabriel Miller.

Villains who collect souls (literally and metaphorically). Usually, villains use magic to extract the soul from the person, but sometimes they can use alchemy or some kind of machine. Most of the time, sometimes the villain may literally or figuratively eat the soul or leave it alive for another purpose, depending on the franchise. Sometimes, recovery of a person's soul is possible, but other times it is not.

Depending on the franchise, taking someone's soul can have different effects on the person's life. For example, it leaves the victim alive, but they are damaged, turn insane, or are turned into an empty shell or a mindless zombie (for example, in Harry Potter). When the soul is collected by the villain, it separates from the body, and the body dies but the soul remains on as a ghost (for example in Five Nights at Freddy's and Coraline). Lastly, the most common one is that the person and the soul just dies.

There are several types of Soul Collectors:

  • Probably the most famous is example is the Satan or Deal Maker who makes deals with people to sell their soul to them in exchange for something, for example, Faust sells his soul for knowledge (e.g. most version's of Satan, Hades from Hercules and Ursula).
  • Villains who collect souls because they need them to survive (e.g. The Beldam, Lychee Dragon Cookie and Shang Tsung).
  • Villains who collect souls because it fuels there powers/makes there powers even stronger (e.g. Kai the Collector, Freddy Krueger and Carlton Beatrice).
  • A subset of an immortality seeker who collects souls in order to stay alive longer (e.g. Shang Tsung again and Father).
  • Lastly villains who collect souls for a larger cosmic wide or selfish goal (e.g., Hyness who collects hearts (basically souls) in order to summon Void Termina and destroy the universe, and King Boo, who collects the characters souls and traps then in paintings for his plan to get revenge on Luigi).
  • Sometimes it can be a combination of different reasons (e.g. Shang Tsung who uses souls both to stay alive and because it fuels his powers)

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