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Safari guide: Bad guy falls in poop, classic element of physical comedy. Now comes the part where we throw our heads back and laugh. Ready?
Other two guides: Ready!
All safari guides: Ahahahahaha!
~ The safari guides' reaction to Lyle Van de Groot falling in elephant droppings.
I'm so excited about my super weapon that will take over Boom Beach, that I wrote a song about it! Is it a cannon that goes DOOSH DOOSH DOOSH? Is it a laser that goes PEEW PEEW PEEW? Is it an even bigger laser that goes PEW PEW PEW? Boom Beach will never know, until it's time for them to BLOOOOOW... up!
~ Dr. T's song about his "super weapon" that he plans to use to take over Boom Beach.

Villains who appear in any comedy setting: be it movie, television, video games, books, comics, internet, etc. If their original media is intended to be funny, they belong here.

Villains from any type of comedy can be put here, even if the villains themselves are not especially funny.

Do NOT add Comic Reliefs under this category, as Comic Reliefs are intended to lighten an otherwise serious and dramatic story. Comedy Villains appear in story settings that are already comedic in nature. Unless the comedy itself is already dark, in which, the villains can still qualify as Comic Reliefs if they can still lighten the mood of the story.

Some villains may even qualify as Game Changers if they create a stark contrast to the storyline by being played seriously and altering the tone of the story into a darker one.

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