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I don't care about the children! I just care about their parents' money! Ah, the fact that their feeble minds are easily distracted by cheap playgrounds and talentless clowns is no skin off my nose!
~ Mr. Krabs on cheating dozens of innocent children out of their money.
You see, Peter. People... they need to believe. And nowadays... they'll believe anything.
~ Mysterio on being a fraudulent superhero in the public eye, before dying.

Con Artists are fraudulent villains who regularly try to con people out of money or valuables. They are similar to Tricksters and Thieves, but of a category in themselves; not all con artists are "evil", but they are all guilty of breaking both ethical and legal laws, and are untrustworthy and manipulative due to the nature of their crimes.

Good examples of this include: Chris McLean, Larry Quinn, Mysterio, Phil Billings, Sissy, Missy and Chrissy, Mr. Krabs and Gilderoy Lockhart.

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