Everyone is mine to torment! You'd do well to remember that, you little monster.
~ Joffrey Baratheon showing his uncle Tyrion that he is fully in charge.
I will have order!
~ Dolores Umbridge asserting her power while attacking the centaurs.

Control Freaks are people who are recognized by their continued belief that others should do what they say and that they know best, even if they do not. To qualify as so, they need to have absolute control on everyone or minimum one person.

Control Freaks are not always fully villainous, but rather misguided or merely unlikable. However, most of them are antagonistic due to the very nature of being a Control Freak; villains such as these will often go to great lengths to assert their power and authority over others. It is also common for them to be arrogant, insecure, deluded or perhaps even mentally challenged.

However, Control Freaks do have the chance to and can become Pure Evil as they may shed their redeeming qualities or show no remorse over their actions (e.g. Emperor Palpatine, Dolores Umbridge, the Joker, AM, Adrian Griffin, Agent Orange, Judge Claude Frollo, Captain Vidal, Lord Cutler Beckett, Judge Doom, Jafar, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott and Diana Walter), even going as far as to manipulate others or even in the rarest of cases, become terrorists who go against everyone.

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