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Like a jungle, a corporation is only as healthy as the green it produces. Last quarter, our green dropped a leaf... I trust that won't happen again. Wilberly, give us an update on the top-secret project that will put us back in full bloom.
~ Shere Khan

Corporations are businesses and companies that are corrupt and use their influence and resources as tools to achieve their own ends.

Corrupt industries are a staple of science fiction, but are also featured in other fiction genres and are typically depicted as big, multinational conglomerates, often mega-corporations with powers which are usually held by governments, which value profits over ethics.

Large corporations may be considered Necessary Evil, as they provide services that are well needed for the public (the corporation in question may use this to its advantage). Notable examples include Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, Smart Brain, Umbrella Corporation, Weyland-Yutani, Elgen Corporation and Abstergo Industries.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Corporations cannot be Pure Evil because groups do not have a moral agency, even if all individual members meet the criteria.

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