I took Gotham's White Knight, and I brought him down to our level. It wasn't hard. See, madness, as you know, is like gravity - all it takes is a little... push!
~ The Joker on how he turned Harvey Dent into another killer.
You don't believe me? You will, Dr. Jones. You will become a true believer.
~ Mola Ram to Indiana before giving the black sleep of Kali that will consume his mind.

A villain or Evil Artifact able to attract many to the Dark Side via persuasion, temptation or manipulation, calling upon one's darkest desires and tempting them with the prospect of fulfilling their wishes or granting them power or simply because of the foul evil energy radiating from it so intensely that it twists the minds of any who come into contact with it and increases their inner darkness (i.e. Malefor).

Those submitted to Corrupting Influences change increasingly for the worse over time, depending on how the influence works and how often they are exposed to it. This corruption may only occur when in the presence of a Corrupting Influence (though the victim soon developps an unhealthy addiction to it - or gets convinced by the villain's arguments) or increase gradually over the time, but if nothing is done to stop it the corruption will soon become permanent and irreversible. On rare occasions this leads to Damned Souls as some go over the Moral Event Horizon.

Note that Pure Goods are immune to, unaffected by or not subject to Corrupting Influences as they are incorruptible.

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