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The Leader is good, the Leader is great. We surrender our will as of this date!
~ The Movementarians' brainwashing mantra.

Cults are often portrayed as dangerous and although not all cults (properly known as "new religions") are dangerous, there is no question that some are. They worship a form of gods, angels, demons, aliens, etc. and sometimes, they twist the convential figure of these entities to suit their own needs. These dangerous cults tend to focus on doomsday-style teachings, or are abusive or aggressively hostile towards their followers and/or opponents. Some cults become so dangerous that they partake in criminal or terrorist activities. At this point, authorities as well as individuals (including those who broke away from cults) usually act to try and stop them before they cause further harm.

Cults cannot be Pure Evil as they are merely organizations that don't support a collective moral agency, even if all of their members meet the criteria. However, Cult Leaders‏‎ and Fanatics‏‎ can be Pure Evil.

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