It was poetic using Earth's Dragon to save me from Earth's Hell. You cannot imagine the depths of my suffering there! I spent most of my days strung up like a damn pupating moth, over a field of delicate little flowers where bands of angels and fairies and enchanted stuffed animals lived, singing songs and dancing asinine jigs as if their only care in life was when they would get their next warm, fuzzy hug! Instead of ruling the universe with an iron fist, I was SERENADED BY TEDDY BEARS!!!
~ Frieza going into depth about his time in HFIL/Hell.
And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!
~ Judge Claude Frollo's blasphemous last words before suffering a symbolic death.

Damned Souls, also known as Doomed Spirits or Cursed Souls are those who not only died but were also condemned to live on in a spiritual Hell-like dimension; in essence they become akin to Demons or Noncorporeal but are distinct supernatural beings in their own right often known as Unclean Spirits.

Being a Damned Soul is considered the ultimate downfall and often reserved for the truest of evildoers since only the most sinister individuals give the audience enough hatred that they see eternal damnation as a suitable form of punishment. Most Pure Evils are reserved for this and those who cross the Moral Event Horizon will be suspectible as well. Many Damned Souls continue to plague the living after their death, becoming Lesser Demons or Poltergeists.

Some Tragic villains can also end up damned if they're victim of a Demon or curse regardless of their morality or actions in a past life (e.g. Kayako Saeki).

In some works of fiction, all who are deceased end up in damnation regardless of their morality or actions (for example, in many forms of mythology all deceased people end up in an Underworld).

Sometimes, the damnation does not have to be shown; in some cases, it can apply if they are shown living or dying in a way symbolic that they will be damned (i.e. Judge Claude Frollo being struck down by Notre Dame itself and cast into molten lead; William Afton/Springtrap being incinerated and told that the deepest pit of Hell is reserved for them, etc.)

It should be noted that Damned Souls can also be characters who technically don't die but are anyway condemned to some unpleasant realm or location equivalent to a Hell dimension (i.e. the Almighty Tallests being sucked into the Florpus Hole to suffer in multiple alternate realities including seemingly a Hell dimension).

Saved Souls are the complete opposite of Damned Souls.


Villains who qualify

  • They must have started life as a human or member of another mortal race like sentient animals; if they were angels, demons, deities or spiritual entities from other-dimensions they do not count.
  • They must be imprisoned or linked to a hell dimension, unlike Ghosts, who may wander between realms or be linked to the area of their demise (also unlike Ghosts they do not originate from mortals, as Ghosts are just the life-force of mortals who refuse to pass on).
  • Even if they gain demonic powers, they are still bound to Hell in some fashion, normally through the classic "dragged to Hell upon defeat type".
  • They cannot be creatures that have naturally evolved in Hell or similar realms (aka True Demons).

Villains who cannot qualify

  1. Characters who merely revived without turning unholy do not count (e.g. Theo Galavan).
  2. Do NOT add beings that have always existed in Hell such as true demons (e.g. Valak); this is for beings that were once of the living world but have since become infernal in nature due to becoming spiritually corrupt (e.g. many of the demons from Supernatural).
  3. Villains whose souls used to be condemned but later had their souls saved and redeemed will not belong to this category any longer (e.g. Emma Swan, Kratos and Dean Winchester).
  4. Merely Undead beings (e.g. Frankenstein's Monster) do not count. Undead beings that fit in this category must have been related to Hell-like dimensions (e.g. Zombie Redcoats) or condemned due to a curse (e.g. Imhotep and Emperor Han).
  5. Characters whose souls were wiped out from existence and became absolutely nothing after their death, thus having NO afterlife do not count (e.g. Goku Black).
  6. Characters who came back from death yet felt nothing after their death do not count (e.g. Chucky).
  7. Characters who just die do not count either, mainly because there's no way to know about the nature of the afterlife in those pieces of fiction due the lack of indications.
  8. If the character's damnation was all a dream (e.g. Tom the Cat) then it does not count.
  9. Do NOT create pages based on this category, as long-time heroes who only breifly turned unholy (Such as Kenny McCormick who was temporarily sent to hell in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut or Lucy who was one of the people who was temporarily banished to The Bin of Storajj during Armamageddon in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part) do not count.

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