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Dante: The Bishop assured us that our sins would be absolved!
Lucifer: And you
believed him? You actually believed these salesmen of salvation?
~ Lucifer revealing that the bishop lied about absolving Dante Alighieri's sins.
Reverend Leland Drury: I've told you. You and I, we have the same religion: Gold.
Henry Casey: Who are you? I sure as hell know you're not a preacher.
Leland Drury: No. I'm just another greedy American just like yourself.
Henry: I'm not like you!
Leland Drury: Oh, come on now, Henry. You, if anyone should understand, all this gold. They aren't miners. They never came up here. Who would it hurt?
Henry: Who? You starved these people, you stole from them at the same time!
Leland Drury: That's not the way I planned it. I thought they'd move.
Henry: You're sick, mister. And you'll burn in hell.
Leland Drury: Harsh words, Henry. Very harsh words. But I'm not gonna let you turn on your own people. I'm prepared to offer a piece of everything we take out of this mine from here on in. What do you say?
Henry: It's not yours to give.
Leland Drury: Oh, sure it is, Henry.
Henry: Get back!
Leland Drury: Do we have a deal!?
~ Reverend Leland Drury revealing his true motives to Henry Casey.

Dark Priests or Dark Priestesses are popular villains; despite the names they are not required to be actual priests, as religious members of a clergy or Cult are applicable.

They use their positions to knowingly commit crimes at odds with their religions but convince themselves and/or others they are good or do not care. What makes them dangerous is that despite their obvious evils they can still hold power and due to their status as Men/Women of the Cloth they are hard to counter without backlash, especially when clergy members have greater control in a setting. In real-world religions, especially Christianity they are known as false preachers, false teachers and false prophets.

Alternatively they may not actually be part of a Clergy but deranged and/or evil beings adopting the guise of a cleric or corrupt and dishonorable clergy Members who renounce divine allegiances to worship otherwise and/or commit crimes.

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