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Everybody, now Sin is finally dead. Now Spira is ours again.
~ Yuna after the true destruction of Sin.
Your master is dead, so is his "law". Never again will Outworld suffer from his corruption.
~ Kotal Kahn to Kollector about the end of Shao Kahn's influence after his death.

Villains who have died and have remained dead. This category should only include villains that are currently deceased rather than ones who have "died", but then later returned.

Various means how a villain died/remained dead includes:

  • Violent Death: A villain winds up killed in a violent or disturbing way, such as fatally incinerated by an explosion, mutilated alive, gunshot to the head, eaten/mauled alive, impaled, crushed by a heavy object, burned to death, completely dissolved, hanged, cut in half, decapitated, etc. (e.g. Dio Brando, Ken Wheatley, Vic Hoskins, Commander Rourke, Pockets, General Grievous, Bill Sykes, Agent Orange, Hopper, Syndrome, Thrax, the Red Death, Cecil Clayton, Soto, Madame Gasket, Marko, Lord Farquaad, Chef, Scar, Gallaxhar, Shan Yu, Daniel DeVorn, Yellowjacket, Cretaceous and Maelstrom, Queen Grimhilde, Emperor Palpatine, Lord Shen, Hawk, Malekith the Accursed, Mor'du, Mola Ram, Herman Dietrich, Major Arnold Ernst Toht, René Belloq, Irina Spalko, Antonin Dovchenko, Walter Donovan, Jonathan Reiss, Hela, Whiplash, Aldrich Killian, Obadiah Stane, Ronan the Accuser, Riff Tamson, Thanos (2019 version), Senator Aaron McComb, Oogie Boogie, Captain Gutt, Viserys Targaryen, Big Boss, Vladimir Makarov, Piella Bakewell, the Storm King, Judge Doom, Mr. Whiskers, Ursula, Chester V, James Anderson, Eramis, Kell of Darkness, Shiranami, Rasputin, Derek Lucks and The Horned King.)
  • Died in Honor: The villain has accepted the fact that their demise is inevitable and had enough dignity to face it. Many of the villains who died in this way are honorable ones. Thus, circumstances were includes:
    • Chooses to Die Rather Than to Be Saved: Honorable villains defeated by the heroes choose to take his/her own life, preferring to die with honor rather than to live in shame like cowards. When they killed themselves, they can either give the heroes sometime to escape from disaster that they already started but cannot undone it (an example being the battle between the hero and the villain took place in the damaged ship/building that about to explode as result of the villains' own mistake or heroes' effort to foil their evil plan) or have the hero whom defeated him/her gave him/her a mercy killing (e.g. Doctor Octopus and Prince Hydron).
    • Heroic Sacrifice: When a villain commits a heroic sacrifice before death, it is regarded as a way of redemption and dying with honor.
      • Darth Vader sacrifices himself by throwing Emperor Palpatine in the core of the Death Star, saving Luke from death by electrocution.
      • Ben Solo sacrifices himself by transferring his own life-force to save and revive Rey when she was killed after being fatally wounded fighting Palpatine.
      • Hector Barbossa jumps of Jack Sparrow's ship to kill Armando Salazar to save his daughter Carina as well as Jack and allows himself to drown as he, Salazar, & his men are swept away.
      • Nagato reviving the Konoha ninja he killed during his invasion.
      • Viggo fought his own men to the death to allow Hiccup & Toothless to safely escape Johann's cave.
      • Gellert Grindelwald refused to tell the location of the Elder Wand to Voldemort.
      • Mitch Wilkinson held the door of Cibola open, allowing the rest of Gates' team to escape safely and drowning himself in the process.
      • Yondu Udonta puts the only spacesuit Rocket has given to them on Peter to keep him alive and dies shortly after.
    • Accepted Their Death as Their Fate and Faced it with Dignity: In this case, it doesn't need to be a redeemed villain to die with honor.
      • Lord Shen sees his cannon falling down on him, he shut his eyes and allowed his end to come.
      • Count Dooku had silent moments to await to be beheaded by Anakin Skywalker after being betrayed by his master Darth Sidious (as the chancellor in disguise).
      • Erik Killmonger was fatally stabbed by Black Panther, but instead of being cured and imprisoned, he chose to die watching the sunset of Wakanda.
      • Thanos was snapped out of existence by Iron Man's snap. After seeing his entire army die in battle, he kneels down and accepts his fate as he is turned to dust.
      • Green Goblin attempted to skewer Spider-Man from his own glider, but it backfired and accepted his death, but not before telling Peter not to tell Harry for all those horrible things he has done.
      • Ra's al Ghul closed his eyes when he saw that Gotham's train on which he was on board was about to derail and crash.
      • Darth Maul gets mortally wounded by Obi-Wan Kenobi and talks to him with his final words before dying in his arms.
      • Erwin König, having fallen into a trap set by Vasili, slowly turned to him who is waiting next to wagon and took his hat off, allowing the hero to shoot him.
      • Derek Lucks simply laughs and notes the move as “well played” right before getting shot by Masa’s hacked Meta Runner Arm.
      • Vincent, Stops firing at Max after being fatally wounded and he finally admits defeat, where he sits down and exchange a discussion before dying of his wounds.
    • Even a Pure Evil villain can die with honor if they accepted their death with no fear. Some of them also held no grudge when the hero killed them as they simply accepted their fate and move on (e.g. John Doe, Enter, Yuuki Terumi, Lord Cutler Beckett, Alien Empera, Acnologia, Shogo Makishima, Amon Goeth, Brixton Lore, Apocalypse, Vic Deakins, Harry Lime, Owlman, Jerome Valeska, Micah Bell and Wilford).
    • Fought with Honor: Villains who fought with honor in order to avenge, protect, or save others with no fear can die with honor.
      • Hephaestus dies at the hands of Kratos after attempting to backstab him, but it is soon revealed that Hephaestus was trying to protect his daughter Pandora from a certain demise. Kratos is deeply moved by it and promises to a dying Hephaestus that he will protect Pandora.
      • Boss Wolf stands up against Lord Shen when he ordered to fire into his own men and gets killed for that.
      • Credo betraying Sanctus by attacking him to rescue Nero and Kyrie only for Sanctus to impale him using the Yamato. As Credo dies, he begs Dante to save them which Dante accepts, wanting to honor Credo's dying request.
    • Remorseful Suicide: The villain goes aware of his wrong actions and thus, they discover it's already too late to their redemption. Instead, they take their own life to fix their wrongdoings, it can overlap with Heroic Sacrifice, most probably if the villain was a Pawn or Brainwashed/Possessed.
      • After Jin defeated G.O.D., Shade, a brainwashed soldier of G.O.D., attacks Jin, so he can't destroy the weapon, but after Jin defeated him, he gained consciousness. Shade felt bad about the assassination of Jin's father, Ken, who was also his best friend, the one responsible of this hideous action was G.O.D. Thus, he used himself to destroy Earth Force’s Super Weapon as a form of redemption towards both, Jin and Ken.
      • Lamar Burgess is another good example. Anderton poses a dilemma for him: if Burgess kills Anderton, he will be locked up for the rest of his life, but PreCrime will continue; if he does not kill the hero, PreCrime will be discredited and arrested. When Burgess struggles to make a decision, Anderton tells him that the PreCrime system is already broken because people can change their own future once they know it. Knowing that Anderton is right, Burgess raises his gun, but rather than shooting Anderton, he shoots himself in the chest, begging for forgiveness from Anderton while dying.
  • Died in Disgrace: In this case, the villain commits something dishonorable or had no dignity to face their downfall. Related circumstances include:
    • Villains who try to kill the heroes after being offered mercy or spared to live, only to end up dying in the process (Gaston, King Stefan, Clayton, Fouchet, Lord Henry Blackwood, Captain Hook, Ragear, General Bethlehem, Murad, Mumkhar and Wade are good examples).
    • Villains who are killed by their own allies who come to realize just how evil the villain really is.
      • Jenner after being literally stabbed in the back by his own henchman, Sullivan.
      • Aerys II Targaryen was slain by Jaime Lannister after Aerys told Rossart to detonate the wildfire caches and ordered Jaime to kill his father and bring Aerys his head.
      • Dick Hardly when the clones killed him after realizing that he never loved them.
      • Light Yagami when he dies of a heart attack from Ryuk's Death Note laying on the floor in front of the police officers, after asking Ryuk to write his enemies' names down, but Ryuk reminds him that he is on neither side and writes Light's name down instead.
      • Mason Verger is left to die amongst the boars (whom devoured him alive) by his associate Cordell Doemling.
      • Scar when the hyenas Shenzi, Banzai and Ed mauled him, having heard him double-crossing them.
      • Detective Brolin was shot by Mossi Kasic, having heard by Ryan O'Malley tell Mossi that Brolin was planning to cover his tracks and crimes with him.
      • Harry was pushed off a cliff by his clan's leader, Dark when he discovered Harry killed all, but one of his and Suki's cubs.
      • Commodus is a variation. After he lost his sword in the duel against Maximus, he asks for another one but the captain of his soldiers refuses and stops his men from doing so, resulting for the Emperor to desperately cheating and his subsequent death.
      • Dr. Facilier was straight up dragged to hell by his Friends on the Other Side after Tiana breaks Facilier’s Talisman.
      • Nathan Bateman being stabbed by his own creation, Ava, after he destroys Kyoko.
    • Villains who die in an ill-conceived, foolish, and/or desperate attempt on the heroes' life, such as an "I'm taking you with me" type attack that usually backfires, although there are exceptions when they might succeed.
      • Gleeman Vox's failed attempt to kill Ratchet by self destructing the DreadZone Station.
      • The Great Intelligence's reversed attempt to destroy the Doctor.
      • The Blissfield Butcher failed attempt to murder Millie Kessler, by kicking him in the groin and stabbed in the chest with a broken chair leg.
      • Grimmel's attempt to have Hiccup fall to their deaths together by ripping off his flight suit until the Light Fury rescues the latter.
      • Agent Kruger's falied attempt to destroy Max De Costa and himself with a grenade.
      • Pete Anderson's failed attempt to kill Rick Grimes, even going as far as to blame him for killing Reg.
      • Danzo Shimura's failed attempt to seal Sasuke Uchiha and Tobi with him when he was already dying.
      • Nick Kudrow's attempt to push off Simon Lynch of a building's roof while surrounded by a FBI's team.
      • The Cleric's attempt to detonate himself, hoping to take down American soldiers with him.
      • Reginald Copperbottom's successful attempt to kill Henry Stickmin by shooting his spine.
      • Fawful's attempt to take out Mario and Luigi by blowing himself up, with the explosion only catapulting the two out of Bowser's body.
      • General Mandible’s failed attempt to kill Colonel Cutter and Z.
      • Whiplash’s failed attempt to kill Tony Stark and Rhodey by using the self destruct feature in his suit.
      • Dimentio’s failed attempt to destroy all dimensions by killing himself.
    • Villains who try to weasel their way out of their predicament by trying to talk the heroes into mercy, only for the hero to kill them anyway.
      • Maman
      • Minister Mason
      • Patrice Saint-Clair, after being shot several times in the limbs by Bryan, attempts to reason with Bryan, saying that what he did was just business and not personal, but Bryan replies with "It's all personal to me" and shoots him five more times in the chest, killing him.
      • Sentinel Prime, weakened by Megatron, attempts to reason to Optimus that he had to betray him because he wanted to save their species but Optimus tells his former mentor that he "betrayed himself" and kills him.
      • Raynare
      • Dimitri Rascalov, While he is unarmed and with all his men dead, he begs Niko not to kill him and tells him that he never wanted to betray him, but Niko ignores him and shoots him dead.
      • Henry Evans, while hanging on the edge of the cliff, begs his mother to rescue him and tells her he "loves" her only for her to release him to his death because she realizes how vile her son truly is.
      • Esther Coleman, having emerged from the frozen lake and holding a knife on her back, begs Kate to save her but Kate responds by furiously kicking her back to the frozen lake.
      • Frank-N-Furter
      • Arkham, weakened by Dante and Vergil, asks Lady if she is willing to shoot her own father and reasons to her that he had done nothing wrong. When he asks Mary to help him, his daughter tells him that her name is now Lady and shoots her father to death.
      • Dandy Mott
      • Steven Jacobs
      • Boris the Animal attempts to get himself arrested so he can restart the cycle again of the boglodite invasion, but Agent K refuses and kills him.
      • Mal, after being wiped from existence by Mike, he tries to give Mike a chance of being in control and kill anyone who stands in his way, but Mike refuses and says goodbye to him, before moving on and returning to the real world.
      • King Cold attempts to persuade Trunks into believing the former was a good guy during his final moments.
      • Koba, while hanging off of a cliff, tries to beg to Caesar to save him, even going as far as trying to use the “Ape not kill Ape” law, but Caesar disowns Koba as an ape and drops him to his death.
      • Jack Welker
      • Oushima Sanagi
      • PAMA attempts to reason with Jesse that they could be useful to him, but Jesse denies this by calling PAMA useless or telling them that he already has enough friends and rips out PAMA’s Redstone Heart, causing them to be deactivated.
    • Arrogants or Egotists who spend their last moments questioning on how they could possibly be beaten (Sauron, Menomaru, Supreme Leader Snoke and Ronan the Accuser are good examples of this).
    • Villains pleading/begging for their death when they are being suffered/tortured.
      • Cato pleads for help when he was attacked by the Mutt Mutants, so Katniss, who couldn't bear the agonizing moans, ends his suffering by shooting her last arrow at him.
      • Szayel Aporro Granz, trapped in the drug of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, begs for his death, the sword coming closer, slowly through his senses, pleading it to hurry up as it pierces his heart, killing him.
    • Cowards who try to run away from their problems and kill themselves to avoid punishment (e.g. Viktor Zakhaev, Samuel Norton, Patrick McKenna, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold).
    • Villains who were killed by the powers/weapons/artifacts/beings that they sought, worshipped, used, or even created.
      • Judge Doom is hosed down and melted by Dip, his own concoction.
      • Ronan the Accuser is blown up by the Guardians of the Galaxy using the power of the Orb.
      • Vic Deakins is sent flying into TNT Barrels by a nuclear bomb that he intended to use to make detonate on the train the hero is on (while he does also die in honor, as he simply smiles at the oncoming nuke).
      • Herman Dietrich, Major Arnold Ernst Toht and René Belloq all have something bad happen to them (Deitrich Implodes, Toht melts, and Belloq has his entire head explode) after looking into the Ark of the Covenant.
      • Vic Hoskins is mauled by Delta, whom of which he planned to use as a military weapon.
      • Dr. Facilier is downright dragged to hell by his own Friends on the Other Side, who were basically his minions.
      • Nathan Bateman is stabbed by his own creation, Ava.
      • Megatron has his circuits fried after the Allspark is shoved in his chest by Sam Witwicky.
      • Dr. Kananga is inflated and popped by his own pellet.
      • The 2014 version of Thanos is turned to dust by Iron Man using the Infinity Stones (Although Thanos does also die in honor as well as he accepts his fate and sits down right before he is turned to dust).
      • Kai the Collector is obliterated from existence after Po uses the Chi of the entire Panda village to overwhelm Kai with the power.
      • Carter J. Burke is swiftly killed by a Xenomorph.
      • The Horned King has his skin and flesh ripped from his bones and his skeleton blown up after Taran pushes him into the Black Cauldron.
      • Eramis, Kell of Darkness who was covered in Stasis after she was defeated by the guardian.
    • Former immortals who lose their sources of immortality and face their downfall either immediately or later on in the story.
      • After Lord Voldemort's horcuxes have been destroyed as well as effortlessly "killing" Harry Potter with the Killing Curse in the Forbidden Forest, and Neville Longbottom slicing Nagini's head off with the Sword of Gryffindor, Voldemort tries to strike Harry with the Killing Curse one last time, only for the Elder Wand to turn on him and kill him instead.
      • Ego gets killed after the explosion of a bomb was placed on his brain.
      • Mother Gothel crumbled into dust when her age caught up to her after Flynn Rider cut Rapunzel's hair, removing her only source of immortality.
      • The Kurgan was decapitated by Connor. Decapitating is the only way to kill immortals.
  • Died Offscreen: In many cases, certain villains have met their fate onscreen. But, in this case, the villain's death was not shown, but was mentioned by a character that he or she met their fate when no one else was there to see it. Examples of this are Frank Underwood who was poisoned by Doug to prevent him from assassinating his wife Claire, Shiranami who was executed by his brother for all of his crimes, Drago Bludvist whose way of death is still unknown although it seems he may have drowned after his Bewilderbeast retreated into the water or Dominic Greene who was executed in the Bolivian desert by men of Quantum.
  • Extinction: This is not just the death of the villain, but also their entire species. This mostly includes villainous species that were wiped out either during an extinction event, brought it upon themselves, or were hunted to their extinction by the heroes or from a much more malevolent threat. An example of an innately evil species going extinct is the Shroobs. After their princess and elder princess were slain by the Mario Bros., Professor E. Gadd had invented a machine that melted the Shroobs away when the brothers and Princess Peach discovered the Shroob's weakness (babies' tears). In Bowser's Inside Story, Mario fights three frozen Shroobs, slaying them and finishing off the Shroob race for good.
  • Deactivation: This is applied for robots or machines that were destroyed/deactivated permanently (e.g. VIKI, PAMA, PAL and AUTO).
  • Cessation of existence: This means that the villain's soul is destroyed permanently, therefore having no afterlife waiting for them (e.g. DOR-15, Judge Doom, Scar, Smartass, Internet, Agent Smith, Zamasu, Goku Black, Zhan Tiri, Jonah King, Rex Dangervest, The Beast, SCP-3799, President Haltmann, Tricky the Clown, Mal and Kai the Collector).
  • Dragged off to the afterlife: This includes mortal beings who were literally dragged alive to a hell-like dimension, end up becoming Damned Souls (e.g. Dr. Facilier, Lady Van Tassel and Mok Swagger). Ghosts or spirits, if sent to the spirit world or to an afterlife, count only if they were former mortals beings who passed away (e.g. Carrigan Crittenden and Ramsley). Immortals spirits or others supernatural beings (e.g. Valak), who are sent back, do not count and should go under imprisoned instead.
  • Different types of damnation: This includes villains who became Damned Souls in ways different to being dragged to the afterlife, two examples include dying in a symbolic way of them being damned (e.g. Judge Claude Frollo) or being forced into an infinite cycle of deaths (e.g. Diavolo).

Undeads cannot count unless they are also killed for good (e.g. Lord Farquaad, Mr. Whiskers and Emperor Palpatine).

By extension, none of the deceased villains can be a Karma Houdini if they have not died of natural causes (e.g. Noah Cross), no matter their influence on the plot.

Characters who are confirmed dead rather than simply being presumed as much are different; please keep those categories separated.

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