Demons, they don't want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake.
~ Dean Winchester describes the demons.
Demons, also called Devils, are malevolent spirits often associated with or known as Fallen Angels, especially in Abrahamic religions. However, in fiction, Demons can be a number of malevolent beings normally possessing supernatural influences over different realms and dimensions putting them above your average Monsters. They often corrupt, possess, brainwash or destroy the innocence of others. 


  • Do NOT add Monsters to articles listed as Demons.
  • Demons originate from spiritual and/or alien realms evil in nature. This means most of them only know how to be evil and cannot understand or comprehend what is right and wrong.
    • Living beings that die and become Agents of Hell or similar realms and Higher Powers are meant to be listed under Damned Souls even if they gain demonic abilities or otherwise.
    • Deities and Cosmic Entities are not necessarily Demons unless they came from something evil.
  • They can only be Pure Evils if (while meeting all criteria) their Moral Agencies have been made very clear (Valak, etc.).
    • However, Demons can show redemption as not all are truly evil despite their appearances (Sesshomaru, etc.).

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