Never gonna put a spell on me, never ever gonna bring me back, never gonna make me be something I'm not...

Because I'm evil.

~ Mal (technically Zevon) singing about being evil in the song Evil

Villains appearing within the Descendants franchise (i.e the Descendants film series, Descendants: Wicked World and the Isle of the Lost Novels).

Please do not add Disney villains who have pages for their separate Descendants character counterparts such as Maleficent, Jafar, Queen Grimhilde or Cruella De Vil as all of these characters have pages for their Descendants counterparts.

However if they are mentioned but do not directly appear, appear only in the books, have a child in the franchise yet are unseen (e.g Captain James Hook and Yzma) or have their involvement with the franchise merged into their main page but their Descendants counterpart does not have a page of their own (e.g Ursula) then they can be added.

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