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Destruction... Destruction is what makes life worth living! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Let's destroy everything!
~ Kefka Palazzo
It's just like the First Herrscher said. Destroying human towns, can make me more powerful. Isn't that beautiful? How about destroy the entire Russia, Kazakhstan and Finland to celebrate my arrival? The screams of millions will be our music.
~ Herrscher of the Void

Destroyers are ultra violent villains who exist to destroy everything around themselves. They may be a type of Cataclysm, but not all Cataclysms are Destroyers and vice versa. Destroyers are single-minded and untiring; they will continually destroy until they are either destroyed themselves or imprisoned; they can not be reasoned with, bribed or made to retreat. In short, they are a living nightmare.

Destroyers are almost always Omnicidal Maniacs; to them, anything in their path must be utterly obliterated. This makes them different from some other omnicidal villains as they do not seek "un-death" or some strange nihilistic "peace"; they simply kill out of a never-ending rage.

Destroyers may be considered Nihilists as well since they are so full of rage that they often will not stop until either overpowered or killed. A Destroyer may be so full of battle-lust they resist damage that would normally wound or even kill a normal person, something which only makes them all the more dangerous.

To qualify as Destroyers, villains must exhibit the following traits:

  • Untiring (Destroyers rarely ever rest; their rampage is without end, which is often one of the main reasons heroes band together to face them);
  • Unstoppable (Destroyers often exhibit massive amounts of power and resistance; enemies can pummel them repeatedly and often the Destroyer will just keep on coming like a charging bull to a red flag);
  • Unfeeling (Destroyers cannot be moved by pity; they know no fear and offers of alliances are futile at best; they are unbridled destruction, raw and utterly without mercy).

Destroyers are very often Anarchists, Barbarians, Terrorists or One-Man Armies. Due to their aggression, bloodlust and hatred for things of order, their alignment nearly always is Chaotic Evil (fittingly, the archetype of this alignment is called "Destroyer").

This category does not instantly apply to any villain who causes mass-scale destruction.

Editing note: Do NOT add Vandals to a Destroyer since technically, destruction includes vandalism. It is just Destroyers do this to a much larger scale.

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