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Nate: You couldn't find your own ass with both hands.
Sully: And a map!
~ Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan mocking Harry Flynn's stupidity.
Oh, why do I surround myself with fools? Even the robots are smarter than you.
~ Skeletor to his henchmen.

Dimwits are villains who rarely (if ever) use their heads. In other words, these villains are often seen as dumb and ignorant, and are very likely to foil their own plans or other villains' plans and can even cause them to ruin themselves; this is usually due to poor planning, stupidity, ineptitude, Impulsiveness, bumbling, or even slowness. Furthermore, some of these villains (such as Beavis and Butt-Head) can be viewed as being Chaotic Neutral, as they may not always be aware of their actions due to their stupidity. Many of these villains are also Incompetent because of their stupidity. However, there are exceptions in villains who are dangerous because their stupidity causes them to make reckless decisions, an example being Iok Kujan.

Not to be mistaken with characters who are Mentally Ill (such as Jason Voorhees), or those with genuine learning difficulties (such as the Great Child and Leatherface), as there is a major difference between the two categories. They are also the polar opposite of Masterminds, who are exceptionally intelligent and resourceful characters.

It is needed to note that demons or eldritch abominations that are completely mindless or have zero moral agency can also end up qualifying for this category as those types of villains are known to not use their heads in most cases, and are mindless or cannot comprehend what they do (Azathoth and No-Face who are prime examples of this).

Villains who have only pretended to be dumb (i.e. William Wharton and Eric Cartman) do not count.

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