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I'll have your hands for a trophy, street rat! (Aladdin: All this for a loaf of bread?)
~ Razoul threatening to slice Aladdin's hands off because he stole a loaf of bread.
Maybe a year in the pen will teach you to use a crosswalk... jaywalker!
~ DarkWarrior Duck arresting a civilian for a minor offense.

Disciplinarians are a type of Control Freak or Tyrant who are fierce, strict, and emphasize EXTREMELY harsh punishments and enforcement of unfair laws. Although many Dictators are considered this, it is unnecessary for all Dictators (in fact, a Dictator need only be a supreme leader; they do not require malicious intent, though it is common). Also, not all Control Freaks have to be Disciplinarians, as the term can refer to anyone who enjoys superiority over others, seeks undue censorship, etc.

Basically, in order to qualify as a Disciplinarian, a character must enforce Draconian (extremely harsh) punishments, often for minor misdeeds, and either believe that doing so benefits society or simply believes that doing so will intimidate others and stop potential revolt (or, in the case of Control Freaks, the urge to fight back at unfair authority).

Good examples of this are rulers who take excessive use of public humiliation and torture (such as the stocks or flogging); Evil Teachers who subject students to mockery in front of other children or invent ways to punish them that appear unfair and cruel; parents who are unnecessarily harsh to their children, whether physically or verbally; and bosses who punish, humiliate, fire, or even kill their subordinates for petty or arbitrary offenses. In general, anyone who acts like a "tyrant" in the enforcement of cruel, petty and often unnecessary laws can be added here.

Editing note: the enforcement of harsh laws and unfair punishment MUST be a recurring part of a character's personality in order for them to be added here, as almost all Control Freaks and Dictators will have enforced unfair laws at some point; the major difference is Disciplinarians (for the purpose of this wiki, at least) are more openly abusive in the way that they use power (hence them also being known as "Tyrants").

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