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When a doctor goes wrong, he is the first of criminals. He has nerve. He has knowledge.
~ Sherlock Holmes on the nature of more educated villains.
I am Dr. Robotnik, the most cunning scientific genius in the world!
~ Dr. Eggman

Villains who are Doctors, either medical or in some other fields such as psychiatry, robotics, physics and pharmacology. Often, they tend to overlap with Scientists, but not all Scientists are specifically Doctors and vice versa. Doctors mainly excel in various methods of healing and helping; Scientists mainly excel in the use of knowledge.

They are often obsessively involved in their studies to achieve whatever diabolical plans they have in mind, such as constructing an army to take over a region or the world or building machines/robots to take control of valuable resources for their own purposes.

Their opposites are Heroic Doctors and Scientists.

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