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Youth is so wasted on the young.
~ Morgaine Le Fey.
CSM: It's a scary story. You wanna come sit on my lap?
Scully: You don't scare me.
CSM: My story's scared every President since Truman in '47.
~ The Cigarette-Smoking Man to Scully.

Elderly are 65 or older. They tend to be smarter and more competent when compared to their younger counterparts due to living long enough to pick up many nasty tricks, though old villains are sometimes just as silly as younger ones if not more so. It is worth noting that not all elderly villains are considered weaklings, as they can still put up a fight and still be just as physically threatening as other, younger villains.

Do not add cosmic entities and/or deities as this category is specifically for villains who appear to age by normal standards.

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