My master tires of your existence.
~ Demongo.

Enforcers are a variety of henchmen designed to enforce higher villains by any means necessary. They tend to be the villain's Right-Hand or Left-Hand but may also be hired muscle. Also, Enforcers are almost completely loyal to their leaders at all times and would even rarely, if ever act on their own without guidance. This term is also used to describe hockey players who often fight while playing on the ice in a violent and aggressive manner. They can also overlap with Mercenaries and Assassins since they all generally function in similar capacities.

Even though most Enforcers are merely doing what their leader tells them to do and therefore not always bad by their own choices, some can actually be aware of what they are doing to the point of being Pure Evil, notably if they are more or just as sadistic as those above them and perform horrible acts they did not get as orders (e.g. Roger, Peter Creedy, Grimmel the Grisly).

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