I’m kind of a jack of all trades.
~ Peter Griffin

Ensembles with different roles and/or traits due to inconsistent continuities — sometimes Contradictions — in standalone situations. They play many roles at a whim such as being minor characters in one instance only to be completely different types of Villains in the next — this is very common in media such as cartoons and comic books  where Villains can play any roles the writers wish for. Most of the Looney Tunes franchise fits this.

Another type of inconsistent continuity can be found in shows like Family Guy where things are played strictly for momentary jokes. There is no way traits, characteristics and/or roles depicted in ALL scenes form consistent continuities even within the same series.

Various other examples could be from the many versions of the different DC Characters like with Joker having many versions of himself and remaining Enigmatic along with mostly having a lot of inconsistent continuity throughout various versions of him in multi-verses that makes him fit with this category.

Important notice: When this is added to an article please refrain from adding too many role-specifics as characters via this category are Jacks-of-All-Trades and thus have many roles to play. This will help us keep categories at reasonable levels on characters with extensive shifts in skills, occupations and/or basic roles in any stories or settings. Categories should be definitive traits of character baselines — what they are like in all iterations — that DEFINE them.

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