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I am the Architect. I created the Matrix.
~ The Architect describing his purpose.
Is that anyway to talk to the man who brought you into this world? I'd prefer it if you just called me... Papa!
~ Gargamel to Smurfette.

Evil Creators, sometimes known as just Creators make things that may not necessarily be evil (i.e. Vampires). Another example would be someone who creates other beings from scratch or pre-existing resources (i.e. Vanitas, the Animator, William Afton, Karl, the Architect and Dr. Serena Kogan).

Evil Creators are not Cult Leaders as they do not create anything and in some cases did not even start Cults. Cult and Organization Leaders only gather and organize others with common goals (i.e. J. Jonah Jameson and Sozin); those who cause or induce hysteria merely influence others which would make them similar to Leaders.

They may be driven insane or sometimes looking for something to care about as well and can also do things and perform tasks such as sculpting, painting and/or drawing.

Evil Creations do not always come from creators such as Parents giving birth to Children or Doctors/Scientists making evil things (i.e. Dr. Nora Wakeman). A Creator can also be a Creation themselves, with an example being the Dark Lord.

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