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It's the family name that lives on. It's all that lives on. Not your personal glory, not your honor... but family.
~ Tywin Lannister talking to Jaime Lannister about the House Lannister.

Families who mostly have villains in them such as the Corleone Family or Zabi Family. Because Families are a group category sometimes this overlaps with Teams and/or Partners in Crime on smaller scales and Organizations and/or Hostile Species on larger scales if said group categories happen to have multiple members.

  • Add at least two people who are related either by blood, legality and/or oath. Individual Villains do not count.
  • Families cannot be Pure Evil because as groups they have less or no moral agencies (even if all individual family members meet the criteria).
    • However, there may be some exceptions if these villains DO have clear moral agencies and CAN be Pure Evil such as the Tsarnaev Brothers, but they MUST FALL under Siblings, Parents and Partners in Crime instead of this category UNLESS there are more than three people who are related by blood, legality and/or oath, which can disqualify their status as Partners in Crime.

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