And now we've devolved, into hunters.
~ Gareth
There's no escape THIS TIME, BASIL!!!
~ Ratigan, after revealing his true nature as a savage rat.

Ferals are villains who embrace a savage, animalistic lifestyle or belief system.

Sometimes, a Feral may actually be an Animal, but in order to qualify, they must be of the anthropomorphic kind (such as General Woundwort) in an environment or world where their savage behavior is seen as abnormal rather than the norm.

Humans (or  humanoids) can also count as Ferals if they have devolved into a state of wild abandon beyond even that of a "barbarian", often to the point they are unable to talk and engage in vicious, anti-social behaviors that are more akin to animals than humans - in fact many times feral humans engage in even more depraved acts than most animals (such as incest and cannibalism) : they are also guided largely by instinct, thus tend towards either being amoral or chaotic in nature.

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