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The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History never happened... Hope's Peak, the Future Foundation, and the Remnants of Despair do not exist... because it's all fiction. None of it actually happened in the real world. All of those events took place in a fictional world known as Danganronpa.
~ The Mastermind of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, stating one of the most shocking turning point of the game that the events of Hope's Peak Acadamy Saga is regarded as fictional in Gifted Inmates Saga in-universe

The villains on this wiki are fictional characters. These villains are the next step beyond that: they are fictional characters from works that are ALSO fictional.

In some fantasy stories, these villains may somehow enter the "real" world and become an actual threat to the protagonists (an example being Capricorn). On the other hand, the protagonist(s) may enter the villain's world (an example being The Story Teller). For some, they may be fictional characters that are taken over or corrupted by real-world influences (an example being Freddy Fazbear, a popular fictional mascot that is possessed by a deceased child). In more mundane cases, they remain fictionally fictional and are only ever seen as part of their fictional stories within the actual story. In some cases, they are called meta-fictional villains.

NOTE: Fictionalized characters that were based on real life people or true events, and are NOT from works that are ALSO fictional, do NOT belong in this category.

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