Friends, why have you sold your soul to the devil!?
~ The Livemen on their friends joining Great Professor Bias.

Though not as dramatic as being Related to Heroes, villains being one of a heroes former friends is a recurring trait in stories. This is because the idea of people the hero trusted as friends turning on them can have a psychological effect on the heroes and make them reluctant to stand against those people.

The friend frequently joins the side of evil because of being Brainwashed and/or Possessed so as to be used against the hero which makes the hero even more reluctant to go up in a fight with them. These characters can also be On and Off changing between good and evil at random (e.g. Mr. KrabsKevin Levin). In these examples when the friends of the heroes are not busy being villains, they can get along rather well with the heroes.

On the flip side, these villains' betrayals or other acts can otherwise make the heroes despise and want nothing more than to dispose of their old friends.

This can also count for Redeemed villains who actually become friends with the heroes they fought and Remorseful villains if they still feel friendship towards any heroes.

IMPORTANT: This is only for villains who were (or still are) genuine friends with any heroes. Fake friendship for manipulation and achieving the goals (i.e. Emperor Palpatine, Dick HardlyBill Cipher, Yami Bakura, Utrom Shredder, VukSimon Doonan, Ego, Samuel Norton, Terry Silver, Dimitri Rascalov, William Afton, Leo Kasper, Gary SmithBarty Crouch Jr, Cozy Glow and Diana Walter) is NOT ACCEPTED. However, even Pure Evils can qualify if they were once True Friends of the Heroes (i.e. Alejandro Sosa, Donald Love, Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, Commodus, Doctor Doom, Koba, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Griffith, Tenjuro BannoMakuta Teridax, Obadiah Stane, Eli Raphelson and Zhan Tiri).

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