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I am FREE! Free to exact vengeance upon he who has imprisoned me! (Jafar attempts to fly to Agrabah, but is stopped by his shackles.) It is the curse of the lamp! All the power in the universe, and I am bound by the rules of the GENIE! Which means... I can't kill that upstart Aladdin! Unless, I have someone "arrange" it for me. Take me to Agrabah at once!
~ Jafar expressing his frustration of being an evil Genie.

A Genie is a wish-granting spirit or Demon of near-omnipotent might (though below the ranks of deities or angels) - these beings can be good, neutral or malevolent but share a common trait of granting people wishes, often at a high price...

Malevolent genies tend to twist wishes to do harm to their victims, neutral genies can harm victims with "literal" examples of a wish and even benevolent genies could cause harm if a wish was reckless or greedy.

The term can also be used for exceptionally powerful sorcerers, supernatural entities (such as fairies or elves) and even reality-warping mutants/meta-humans that can achieve sufficient feats of power to grant wishes.

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