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Listen, I'm what you might call a collector. If someone wants it, I like to think I've got it. And if I don't have it... I'll get it.
~ The Penguin to Batman.
We've got to have... monnneeyyyyy...
~ Lickboot

Villains who are infamous for their greed, whether it be for material wealth or some other tangible goal (with the exception of power since that is more fitting to a power-hungry villain). These villains can be singled out by a hankering for what is inessential or more of what they already have much of. Greedy villains simply cannot get enough and will always seek new ways to get more of their favored item, as well as keeping all of it for themselves. Fred C. Dobbs is a perfect example of this.

A particular example of a greedy villain is the gold digger, a person (most often a woman) who only dates or marries a wealthy partner for the sole purpose of getting and exploiting that partner's money and resources.

Note that not all greedy villains can be true villains except on certain occasions, depending on their outcomes. Some (otherwise most) greedy villains can be fully redeemed, even if their true nature remains but their motives have significantly toned down. Examples include Greed from Full Metal Alchemist, who was previously a villain but had soon joined the good side and, despite having lied to Ling in order to escape the host body, deep inside, he has longed for a friend and even succeeded in turning Father into a decayed state before ceasing to exist.

They are also the evil counterpart of Selfless heroes.

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