Humans, your existence is a mistake. War, cheating, jealously, greed. Your existence is a sin that has to be wiped out. You once made me lose everything. But now I'll devour everything. Because I am the Houkai (Apocalypse).
~ Herrscher of the Void
Villains from the MiHoYo's popular Chinese games Honkai (Houkai) Series (aka Benghuai in Chinese) appearing in all related games, visual novels, manhuas (the equivalent to manga from China), webcomics, animations as well as its comic books adaptations. The villains of Honkai Series are known for being the polar opposite of what it tries to show (cute girls in a light-hearted environment) and are the equivalent to Western comic books' supervillains, with a portion of them being powerful cosmic entities capable of bringing the end of all reality.

This category also includes villains from its multiples crossovers with other famous Asian works like Danganronpa, Girls's FrontlineJojo's Bizarre AdventuresKill La Kill and Date A Live.

Important Note: The game is divided between two worlds, the Old World and New World. One needs to read this resume to not lose themselves in the timeline. The events of the Old World are soon going to be moved to non-canon timelines after the release of Houkai Gakuen (Guns Girl Z) Reboot:

  • Games from the Old World - ZombieGal Kawaii and Houkai Gakeun 2 (Guns Girl Z).
    • Honkai Crisis (no games) - The 14th Herrscher destroys the Old World and creates the New World.
  • Games from the New World - Honkai Impact 3rd and Honkai Impact 4th (2020).

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