Let me make one thing clear: I didn't come here out of the goodness of my heart. I will help you because I want you alive, so I can have my shot at destroying you. And no junkyard robot trash is going to take that chance away from me.
~ Vegeta to Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!.

The very opposite of a cheater, this is a villain who (while they fight on the side of evil) still has honorable traits. As such, they usually treat their foes and followers with respect and demonstrate some extent of mercy or fair play. They never resort cheating to win, they may avoid fighting people that are weaker, they may suppress their own power and they may keep their end of a bargain that they promise to keep if they lose or if the hero does something they ask.

Numerous times, these traits often result in the villain redeeming themselves. Many Honorable characters have a common theme of finding a "worthy opponent" and thus want the hero they fight to be strong or get stronger.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not add Pure Evil villains to this category, as villains that are Pure Evil are never presented in a positive way. Honor is a redeeming feature and would present the villain in a positive way. If a Pure Evil villain appears to be honorable, they should go under Sophisticated instead.

It is also near-impossible for Chaotic Evil characters to be honorable as the very core of Chaotic Evils is a lack of honor, Neutral Evil characters are also unlikely to have honor (though not impossible), however, rare exceptions can exist for both alignments if villains from said alignments have some sort of honor code they are not willing to break. Lawful Evil and Lawful Neutral are by far the alignments most associated with honor (even if it is often for pragmatic reasons). Chaotic Neutrals, on the other hand, are shown to follow their own personal code without a care for others and are shown to be selfish. However, some may genuinely care for others and can have a sense of honor as well, though it may also be for pragmatic reasons much like a Lawful Evil character and a Lawful Neutral character.

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