It is a regular invasion of the body-snatchers down here. In this land of the dead, who knows what psycho is causing this massacre. From dusk till dawn, from Crystal Lake to Elm Street, nobody is being left behind. If this hell-raiser slithers into your town, we suggest you run like hell, find a cabin in the woods, and if anyone comes knocking, make sure you let the right one in, or you'll be dead by dawn.
~ A reporter speaking about Cell's rampage while making several horror movie references.

These are the villains from many films, games, TV shows, songs, comics, and books of the horror genre. Monsters, ghosts, ghouls, dinosaurs, vampires, zombies, demons, werewolves, cannibals, psychopaths, killers, mutants and aliens - the world of horror is a scary place and these guys are probably the reason why. They are designed to frighten, disturb and generally make us afraid.

Horror can be supernatural or merely disturbing but shares similar concepts such as death, dread and so forth. Villains in Horror don't necessarily have to inhabit exclusive genres either, as Horror can merge with almost any setting.

Simply scary villains from non-horror works, such as Giygas, Satan and The Lich do not qualify. Only villains coming from works intended to frighten the audience can qualify.

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