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Cy-Bugs are like a virus. They don't know they're in a game. All they know is eat, kill, multiply! Without a beacon to stop them, they'll consume Sugar Rush! But do you think they'll stop there? (Fix-It Felix: Yes?!) WRONG! Viruses do not stop! Once those Cy-Bugs finish off Sugar Rush, they'll invade every other game until this arcade is nothing but a smoking husk of forgotten dreams.
~ Sergeant Calhoun about the Cy-Bugs.

Hostile Species are races of evil creatures or entities. Some redeem themselves and/or individuals within species differ in beliefs. Species with infrastructures, subraces, subspecies or subtypes with common goals and/or aggressive tendencies overlap with Organizations and/or Hive Minds (especially the latter if they're naturally eusocial).

They are also difficult to defeat since, despite some of them are Sadists, Xenophobic, Misanthropic and/or Genocidal, they are capable of having children and making Families; thus killing Hostile Species capable of reproducing would make enemies Hypocrites and often guilty of the crime of collective punishment especially if the children are innocent.

  • ONLY ADD RACES, SPECIES AND/OR GROUPS OF ENTITIES. Individuals never count. Also they cannot be Pure Evil because groups do not have moral agencies even when all members meet the criteria and a species' general morals, especially when it comes to sapient species, often change over generations for better or worse.
  • Hostile Species that are heavily organized can also qualify for Imperialists if they meet all the requirements.

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