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You've been a good and faithful servant, Severus, but only I can live forever.
~ Lord Voldemort to Severus Snape.

The quest for immortality is a common motivation occurring with old and/or aging villains; normally fear of death and passing on drives their pursuits. Although said pursuit itself is not exactly villainous, it comes with heavy prices such as sacrificing others (i.e. killing people, splitting their souls, and creating Horcruxes with Lord Voldemort). Famous examples include Walter Donovan, Arpeggio, and Frieza. This also includes those who strove for immortality and succeeded but came to regret it later on (i.e. Max Mordon and Garlic Jr.). Another example is Lex Luthor fusing with an external being like Brainiac to become immortal.

Immortality Seekers are relentless in achieving their goals to become immortals and find their equivalent of the Fountain of Youth or Holy Grail.

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