I rotted in jail for TWENTY YEARS because of your weakness!
~ Tai Lung to Shifu about being in Chor-Ghom prison.
Of course it's boring here now, but at least you're not in a cage!
~ Tirek to Cerberus in Tartarus.

Villains who are not deceased but are no longer active (at least physically) due to being imprisoned or incarcerated, whether it be by regular means (in the case of more human beings) or mystical means (in the case of more demonic/godlike beings). Although they are unable to be a physical threat, imprisoned villains may be able to continue their crimes from prison and often plot ways to escape.

Note: Imprisoned villains cannot be labeled as Karma Houdinis regardless of how painless the imprisonment is, the one exception is villains who are former inmates that successfully manage to escape without being brought to justice or given any punishment whatsoever.

ALSO, villains who have previously been imprisoned but managed to escape and continue their villainy (e.g. Tai Lung, Ivan OozeJoan Ferguson) DO NOT qualify.

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