My God, man, what am I going to do with you?! You've done nothing but screw up! You've walked off of mesas, been smashed by boulders and run over by diesel trucks! And don't blame the equipment! The equipment is good! It's ACME equipment! You're a coyote! Be wily!
~ Mr. Chairman ranting to Wile E. Coyote about his incompetence.

Villains who are more likely to accidentally foil their own plots than the heroes they're fighting against (unless if said heroes are the same) due to stupidity, cowardly behavior, weakness, incompetent henchmen, and/or overconfidence. Thus, they can be easily defeated and often hit the Scapegoat category because of this.

Incompetent villains mostly appear in comedies, where it is expected from the audience to see the main evil-doers or their henchmen fail miserably (such as Bebop & Rocksteady) - and most cartoons (e.g. many Looney Tunes villains), but can appear as well in serious or even mature stories. If this is the case, they are often comic reliefs due to their incompetence contrasting the work's overall tone. An example is Phil Cassidy. Evil organizations and corporations can also be labeled as incompetent, if most of their agents/superiors are themselves incompetent. The Team Rocket is a good example of this.

Incompetent villains can also be characters who have schemes that are ultimately stupid, pointless or do little to cause chaos. Sometimes their attempts at evil blow up in their faces by either causing them great harm or even aiding the heroes; thus, these villains are not really much of a threat but they can occasionally be dangerous or even intimidating. Additionally, characters who are stated or made out to be smart in the media they appear in, or even masterminds, such as Dr. Neo Cortex, Wile E. Coyote, Eric Cartman and Krang can still be classified as incompetent if they meet any of the previous qualifications, especially if their intelligence varies. However, some incompetent villains can actually be dangerous at times if they really put their minds to it. A good example of this is Zim. Also, as mentioned, just because they are incompetent does not mean that they aren't smart. It is possible for villains to be good in a certain field, but still are too cowardly, lacking in common sense, or arrogant to get the job done.

For obvious reasons, such villains are likely not successful, but in certain cases, they CAN still succeed in their goals, notably either if they have the help of much more frightening and competent villains, just with luck, or by learning from their own mistakes to become better.

Pure Evil villains will NEVER fall under this category as they are capable of committing horrific acts that cause serious problems to everyone during stories, which actually makes them very competent and formidable.

Even if, in very rare cases, some Pure Evil villains are somewhat incompetent in other fields or lack common sense (e.g. Shou Tucker, Lord Djibril, Chaka, Scar, Dag, Joffrey Baratheon, Diodora Astaroth, Muzan Kibutsuji, Dr. Robotnik, Dolores Umbridge, Admiral Razorbeard and Toplofty and O'Bloat), they're still capable of committing horrific acts and thus, they must go under Arrogant, Cowards, Dimwits, Weaklings and/or Pawns‏‎ instead of this category.

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