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Though the search for Joker's body continues, the Coast Guard reports it's extremely unlikely that Gotham's most notorious criminal survived the crash.
~ Angela Chen reporting Joker's unknown fate.

Villains whose fates are left truly unknown because the authors are not making anymore stories, or the TV shows, movies and/or games were cancelled. This can also apply if the villain's fate was never properly disclosed or followed up on at any point later in the series.

Some examples are shown below:

  • The villain's fate was left unclosed and gets no comeuppance: The villain who was never seen again, and his/her ultimate fate is left unknown alongside of no longer encountering the heroes again (e.g. Johan Liebert is a good example of this since of his absent in the sequel, Tamotsu, Anatoly and Romano)
  • The series/show was cancelled: The creator, claims that he/she would be retiring or cancelling the series, even if the villains are defeated (Gelorum although she was defeated, the Acceleracers series was cancelled, leaving the story on a cliffhanger and Invictus who was left completely unpunished due to the cancellation of Final Space after the third season).
  • The villain no longer appears as a threat: After the last appearance of the villain where he/she was seen in and the later episodes they don't appear again and they no longer encounter the heroes again (Slade, Coachman, UT Commander and Tord).

NOTE: This category only applies when the story ended prematurely, not for when it was intentionally inconclusive (e.g. Mizuki and the Entity).

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