I don't get it. You say all this stuff about getting strong and coming over to your side. Are you really that starved for a friend? I think you just don't want to be alone anymore.
~ Yoshimori Sumimura to Kaguro.
Not all villains are really evil but lash out to assert themselves and find their place. They are similar to the tragic but the defining characteristics of an Insecure villain is that they are liars to themselves and others. Alternatively they act homicidal due to severe pain and are sometimes victims of abuse.

Usually they just need those who understand them or acceptance yet it is also common for Insecure Villains to be too far gone and absorbed in their troubles to accept or want help. Ironically many also qualify as arrogant and/or egotistical. These villains suffer from a superiority complex or inferiority complex where they feign self-righteousness to hide flaws from others and themselves (e.g. Yokai).

HIGHLY IMPORTANT: Villains who are Pure Evil can never be part of this because they are truly evil and never seek love or acceptance to make up for eventual insecurities. However, this is an alternative for Villains who committed great-scaled and/or unforgivable crimes due to mere excuses far too petty to be considered tragedies or those who brought said tragedies on themselves (e.g. Nigel, Lord Shen). Even if in rare cases Pure Evil villains (e.g. Infinite, Envy (FMA 2003)) may fall under Pawns instead of this.

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