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I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die, and I'll silence anyone who gets in my way!
~ Mr. Waternoose shouting his future plans at Sulley.
The cameras were searching for you, but they couldn't find you. I have you hidden too well. I kidnapped you.
~ Circus Baby to Michael Afton, showing her villainous side for the first time.

Villains who have committed the crime of kidnapping, which usually means taking a child or youth but can also be interchanged with abduction (kidnapping an adult). Some kidnappers are also involved in the sex trade (like Patrice Saint-Clair) or human traffickers (like Marko).

Please do not add people who kidnap other people's husbands or wives/boyfriends or girlfriends since they are listed under Lover Stealers.

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