And really, there is nothing more innocent and cruel than a child.
~ Jet (about the possibility and fear of evil children) in Cowboy Bebop.
Do you realize how much I do for this Creek? I provide free basketballs for any kid in need. I give out free candy to kids whose parents won't let them have sugar. I protect everyone from those monsters on the other side of the Creek. And still, kids like you want to take advantage of me! D-Did you just think because you give me a piece of paper that suddenly, We're gonna be best friends?! Because for your information that is not how friends Work!
~ King Xavier's most famous quote.

Many characters do not need to be fully grown to practice villainy. Some are already born villainous or, if not, get possessed, brainwashed, or influenced in their childhoods (e.g. Max). The following villains listed are those who are supposed to be under the age of thirteen or closely resemble children (e.g. Pride and Zhan Tiri).

Teenagers are not to be listed under this category. While teenagers are commonly mistaken for children, these two age groups are actually very different from each other. However, a villain can count for both categories if they age from children to teenagers in their story.

Also, do not include adult or teenage villains who are shown to have been heroic or, at least, neutral during their childhood (e.g. Darth Vader and Eustace Bagge). Other characters who can't apply on this category are those who possess the body of a child for their nefarious plans (e.g. Bill Cipher and Valak). Only villainous children belong in this category.

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