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The men and women who risk their lives in battle each do so for their own reasons. There are those who fight for the sake of some great cause or ideology. Those who fight for the sake of their comrades, or for the sake of the people they love. Those who fight simply for greed or profit. And those who fight in the name of vengeance. However, not a single one of them is wrong! Each and every one of their motives stems from correct and proper human emotions.
~ Ryo Fui to Ei Sei during their debate.
The last 500 years has seen what was originally a hundred different states consolidate into the seven that stand today. You could say that given that trend, unification into one single nation is the answer that our history seeks. Of course, I am fully aware that you also have your own reasons for fighting. And it is because both of us remain unbending in our convictions...that we stand here now on a battlefield, to settle with Might what words alone cannot.
~ Ou Hon to Ba Nan Ji

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