Create a climate of fear and it’s easy to keep the borders closed. It’s just a matter of emphasis. The right word in the right broadcast repeated often enough can destabilize an economy, invent an enemy, change a vote.
~ The Editor, referring to how they control everything within the faux Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire.
Villains of the Lawful Evil alignment, these villains utilize law and order to oppress or manipulate others. Most Lawful Evil characters have a set of standards such as honor for themselves and their minions, while the ones that do not are often so oppressive to others that their own personal principles are irrelevant.

Lawful Evil can be divided roughly into distinct types of characters, though some characters may overlap these categories:

  1. The Tyrant: characters who hates freedom and seeks to utterly enslave everything around them, to them, law and order are simply tools by which to enforce evil and will often try to make sure everyone knows it. Dark Overlords and Dystopian Rulers tend to be of this variety.
  2. The Honorable: characters who while still seeking to further their own schemes will abide by certain rules and honor, such as keeping their word or not harming women/children, etc.
  3. The Totalitarians
  4. The Enforcer

IMPORTANT: Lawful Evil does NOT mean "legal", these characters will break the legal law (if they are laws) to enforce it but follow their own code; thus a Lawful Evil character is often a criminal by society's norm but they differ from Neutral Evil in the fact that while still against the "legal" laws, they uphold a standard of their own.

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