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God knows, it's easy to be kind; the hard thing is to be just.
~ Inspector Javert.
The law is the true embodiment of everything that's excellent; it has no kind of fault or flaw, and I, my lords, embody the law.
~ The Lord Chancellor's introduction.

Villains whose approximate character alignment is "Lawful Neutral", known as the "judge" alignment. These characters value the law more than right and wrong. They may be different divisions among Lawful Neutrals based on their motives. An example of this would be formalists, who act out of an obsession with rules. Lawful Neutral aren't always malicious and by essence, these characters are often villains by proxy. However, these characters are more willing to do harm or murder than their heroic counterparts.

While Lawful Evil villains make their own set of laws or use laws to commit evil, Lawful Neutral villains typically enforce it, almost blindly. Therefore, Pure Evil villains can never be part of this category, because this is a neutral alignment and Lawful Neutral villains may have good intentions (that is why, on the other hand, many of them are considered Anti-Villains). The type of Pure Evil villain that falls under the lawful character alignment always falls under Lawful Evil.

Their Law/Chaos opposites are Chaotic Neutral.

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